Night Pant diapers for girls MOONY 9-14kg.

30 pcs

Designed according to the boys anatomy, soft and comfortable, and do not restrict the child’s movement.

Made in Japan.

Price 26,80

Užsisakykite iki 15:00 valandos ir pristatysime prekes sekančią dieną


NATURAL INNER LAYER – the soft, absorbent inner layer is felted from microfiber – cotton fibres a few microns thick.

SOFT AND THIN – whereas they are thicker than cotton pants, they are much thinner and softer than most other diapers.

THE BREATHABLE SURFACE allows air circulation, evaporation of excess moisture molecules meaning no rashes occur in these diapers.

NON-PERFUMED. Perfumed materials can not only irritate a baby’s delicate skin, but also provide an unpleasant synthetic smell for the diapers.

DO NOT SCRAPE when the baby is walking or moving, since they don’t have any plastic parts.

The ELASTIC BREATHABLE WAIST is about 9.5 cm wide, and formed from very fine lines of elastic woven into the waist, fitting reliably without excessive pressure on the baby’s waist.

THE IMPREGNATED PLEATS AROUND THE THIGHS are high with a double-impregnated layer, but also really soft and reliably protective against leaks.

FOR THE PARENTS’ COMFORT AND REASSURANCE:CONVENIENT DRESSING: Soft Retch technology allows the diapers to be easily stretched up to 2 times meaning you can put them on very quickly, even on the most restless of babies.

WETNESS INDICATOR: yellow stripes gradually change colour to blue. This colour indicates that the diaper is full and should be changed.

EASY TO REMOVE with all the contents of the diaper. Simply tear the side seams.

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