Natural Moony Pants M 46 pcs. (5~10)

46 pcs

New, high-quality diapers for newborns and babies (in Japan have been launched in 2019).Made of 100 % organic cotton. It is combined in a surface sheet of the diaper that makes them even more sensitive and soft. A newly developed technology of using an uneven structure makes diapers safer for babies’ sensitive skin and provides better absorption.

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These diapers with their shaping “seams” snugly fit around the baby’s bum making the child feel comfortable and look natural – as if wearing cotton underwear (just a little thicker).

Soft like fabric

The diapers do not make sharp wrinkles, ensuring optimal movement for the baby because of the soft, thin protective layer between the legs rather than a firm and thick uncomfortable liner.

Breathable outer surface

Micropores prevent the “greenhouse effect”. These micropores are of such a size as to allow the penetration of air and moisture molecules but are too small for the leakage of water drops. This helps to protect the baby’s skin from moisture, heat and rash even during the longest night’s sleep.

Wide absorbing layer

The absorbing layer is wide and covers full length of the pants – this assures protection when baby lies on the back or on the tummy, sits or crawls.

Shaping seams

Shaping seams in the crotch area help to better accommodate the diapers to the body lines and the child’s movements, making them more comfortable to wear.

High double protective gathers

High double protective gathers around the thighs reliably prevent leaks, without causing discomfort to the baby as they are soft and gentle.

Wide and stretchy waist

The diaper waist is wide (~10 cm) made of two layers with thinly woven elastic’s thanks to its special technology. Soft and breathable pleats evaporate any excess heat and moisture. Thanks to this stretchy waist, you can easily pull on and of the panties and be sure, that pants stay in place when baby moves around.

Convenient for parents

Tearable side seams – used diapers can be easily removed with all its contents without dirtying legs and clothes. Just tear the side seams on the both sides and remove in the same way as nappy.

Wetness indicator gradually changes colour from yellow to blue. The blue indicator means it is time to change the diapers.

Breathability proof: the diapers will not drench through, but their surface might have feeling of moist when it is full. This is because the moisture molecules evaporates outside.

Disposal sticker: wrap the used diaper and fasten with this special strip. Disposed this way, diaper will not spread its contents in the bin.

IMPORTANT! It is advised to buy larger size of the diapers when baby’s weight is getting close to the upper margin of the weight range, indicated on the packaging.

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