MERRIES diapers (6-11 kg) 64+6 pcs.

70 pcs

Valued for their exceptional breathability, these diapers are thin and reliably absorbent with extra soft and fluffy top sheet made of microfiber.

Made in Japan.

Price 27,90

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Highly breathable, allowing moisture to evaporate from the diapers. The inner layer is felted so that any liquid is absorbed into the absorbent layer and does not stay into contact with the baby’s skin.

Breathable outer surface

Micropores prevent the “greenhouse effect”. These micropores are of such a size as to allow the penetration of air and moisture molecules but are too small for the leakage of water drops. This helps to protect the baby’s skin from moisture, heat and rash even during the longest night’s sleep.

Fluffy inner layer of diapers

the skin friendly wavy top sheet with fluffy bumps effectively absorbs and traps the soft poo as well as pee. All the moisture is locked inside meaning there is no discomfort posed by moisture. In addition, fluffy bumps allow the air circulate, diapers do not stick to the baby’s bum further reducing the risk of diaper rash.

Wide absorbing layer

The absorbing layer is wider, longer and more flexible than for diapers produced in Europe, eliminating any hardened creases that would rub against baby skin.

Soft like fabric

These diapers – like other Japanese diapers – resemble soft fabric. The diapers will not form hard edges at the folds that would rub against baby skin.

Double protective gathers

Double protective gathers around the thighs reliably prevent leaks, but do not cause discomfort to the baby as they are soft and gentle.

Convenient for parents:

The reusable velcro seals are narrow so they can be closed slightly diagonally adapting the diapers to the baby’s curves. Moreover, they are soft and breathable, leading to the less likelihood of the “greenhouse” effect in the area of tummy.

Wetness indicator gradually changes colour from yellow to blue. The blue indicator means it is time to change the diapers.

Breathability proof: the diapers will not drench through, but their surface might have feeling of moist when it is full. This is because the moisture molecules evaporates outside.

IMPORTANT! It is advised to buy larger size of the diapers when baby’s weight is getting close to the upper margin of the weight range, indicated on the packaging.

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